Never Bean Better Day takes place on August 22 and gives us an opportunity to share some Bean ‘wuv with our canine friends and others. Our furry friends are our best friends. They love us unconditionally and are always there to listen and cuddle.

 Bean is a registered therapy dog and can be found sharing their “wuv” at schools, hospitals, reading programs, behavioral therapy group sessions, domestic violence, and homeless shelters.


Dogs are now essential members of the family and community. They are loved for their companionship and unending love.

Dogs are not only companions, but they can also be useful in many other areas of human existence. Dogs can be trained to serve many purposes, including hunting dogs, guide dogs for blind people, guard dogs, and police dogs.

 Today, however, we will be focusing on one of the most important functional characteristics of dogs: their therapeutic ability.

Bean is a celebrity dog who is well-known for his canine chatter, ‘woo woo’, and canine chatter. Bean was born in Neversink’s Never Bean better and is now a registered therapy dog. Bean has been spreading his “wuv” at schools, rehabilitation centers, long-term care facilities, and hospitals across the U.S. ever since 2011.

 Along with his human and canine sisters, he is a member of the “Never Bean Better” Facebook page. They constantly spread the Bean wuv’ around the world. Bean is a cartoon character who has been featured on the Facebook page and in coloring pages shared with patients in memory care units and sick children.

August 22 is a day to celebrate the therapy dog and all of our canine friends. This day is a great opportunity to share the love and affection of our best canine friends.


2009Bean is Born

On August 22, Neversink’s Never Bean Better was born in Morgantown (PA).

2011Therapy Dog

Bean is a registered therapy canine at two years old.

2012Presidential Dog

Bean is made a member of the Presidential Canine Party and makes a cross-country trip during the presidential election.

2017 Day of the Dead

According to the National Day Calendar Registrar, August 22 is Never Bean Better Day.


Is Never Bean Better Day real?

Never Bean Better Day, a day dedicated to sharing and celebrating the unconditional love of canine companions and pets generally, is a real holiday.

What is therapy?

Therapy pets are animals that go to hospitals, retirement homes, and hospice centers to help people with mental, emotional, and physical distress.

Never Bean is Better

Never Bean Better is not a “what”, but a “who”. Bean, a celebrity dog, and registered pet therapist have traveled the United States spreading love and joy to schools, hospitals, and retirement homes.


  1. Share the Bean ‘wuv’Showing your puppy love is the best way to show it. Spend some time today showing love and kindness to your dog friend and anyone else who might need it.
  2. Follow the Never Been Better tail You can follow Bean’s tail across all social media platforms and on their website as well @neverbeenbetter or @neverbeenbetterwoowoo. You can buy one of their products, or join the fun by using #beanwuv or #neverbeanbetter.
  3. Visit a dog park have you been to your local dog park in a while? Today is the ideal day to bring your dog to the dog park and play with them. Even if you don’t own a pet today is a great day for other pets to show their love or adopt them from a shelter.


  1. Therapy dogs can be as old as World War IITherapy dogs were used in WWII to lift the spirits of soldiers who had been wounded by P.T.S.D.
  2. They can help with mental and emotional disorders just by being with a pet or praising them can help reduce anxiety, depression, stress, and blood pressure.
  3. Fish tanks in doctors’ offices Because of the many benefits that fish tanks offer, waiting rooms are a common place for them to be found. Studies have shown that they can calm down people, lower heart rates, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and reduce muscle tension.
  4. Some therapy animals begin their journey in prison Some programs match inmates with assistance dogs to help them train. They learn skills that can be used in their rehabilitation.
  5. They can assist children with learning disabilities Reading to dogs can help children with learning disabilities feel less self-conscious about learning to read aloud.


  1. It highlights the importance of therapy and therapy with pet therapy is an integral part of our mental and emotional development as human beings. Never Bean Better Day emphasizes this, and more importantly, how important our pets can be in the whole process.
  2. Love is always abundant Never Bean Better Day celebrates unconditional love from pets and dogs. This day gives us an opportunity to show our appreciation, reciprocate, and share our love with them and those around us.
  3. Adopting a pet is a wonderful reason. There is no better day to adopt a pet than the Never Bean Better Day. There are many pets, stray or otherwise, that need a home. This is the sign you need to adopt a pet.

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