National Zoo Awareness Day takes place on August 31. Are you as passionate about wildlife and zoos as we are? Zoos can be a great place to share a love of animals and bond with others. Zoos are not only for children and their families, contrary to popular belief. We all know that we have been to many a Zoo with our friends and even on dates. 

Any experience is enhanced when you are around animals. It can transform your life. The U.K.’s National Zoo Awareness Day celebrates zoos and their role as places of learning and enjoyment. If done correctly, zoos could save the world.


The history of zoos can be traced back to ancient Egypt’s pharaohs. Of course, the intent was different. Exotic animals were kept by rulers back then to give them away or just for their own vanity. The care of the animals was easy. The knowledge and will required to care for animals were not yet available to humans.

Our understanding of the animal kingdom has evolved over millennia. Animal trainers and zookeepers were born. The idea that animals were exotic entertainment was not lost on us. As new tools and knowledge became available, zoos began to emerge. The idea of humans caring about wildlife was also born around the same time.

In the 19th century, Zoology was a well-known science. Private collections of animals were considered unacceptable and became less popular with time. This evolution of thought is what gave rise to the modern zoo we know today. However, they are not all the same.

Some zoos are open to the public while others are for conservation. Private zoos often run breeding programs that protect endangered species from extinction. Others take in animals that are no longer able to survive in the wild.

We must be conscientious citizens and critically evaluate the zoos within our communities. What is the purpose? What programs are there that help animals? Is the zoo educating the public about wildlife and ecosystems in general? Do the enclosures of animals resemble natural habitats? National Zoo Awareness Day aims to inspire love, compassion, and respect for animals, especially when they are under human care.


3100 B.C. 3100 B.C.

Pharaoh Hatshepsut’s collection of animals is well-known in Ancient Egypt.

1800sZoological Gardens Become Popular

Funding scientific research on animals is possible through ticket sales and donations to charities.

1900sNational Parks were Born

The United States creates national parks and adopts laws to protect natural habitats.

2009: The Rise of Ethical Zoos

Yorkshire Wildlife Park was established in order to promote ethical tourism and conservation efforts.


Is there a holiday that celebrates animals?

Many holidays are dedicated to animals, from pets to rare species. You can think of World Whale Day, World Spay Day, and National Walking the Dog Day as examples. There are many more.

What are the celebrations on October 4th?

October 4th is World Animal Welfare Day. It is time to overhaul animal welfare standards. This day is intended to increase awareness worldwide and encourage action for animal rights.

What are the national pet days?

There are many pet holidays. These holidays are a way to have fun with our pets and celebrate their achievements. It’s important to remember that some holidays remind us of the importance of caring for our pets.


  1. Visit an ethical zooWhat was your last visit to the zoo or aquarium? You can make a day out of it with your loved ones. Make sure you choose one that aims to educate the public about animal welfare.
  2. View a nature documentaryBBC’s “Planet Earth”, series is awe-inspiring. The second is “Blue Planet”.
  3. Support a zooDonate or volunteer to support conservation efforts at a non-profit Zoo. They rely on funding to support research and rescue programs.


  1. Costa Rica’s Sloth SanctuaryMany sloths are rescued from dangerous urban environments and live in this sanctuary.
  2. Louisiana’s Chimp HavenMore than 300 chimps that were rescued from medical facilities now lives in the Louisiana forests.
  3. Australia’s Moonlight SanctuaryDay and night tours are available for guests to see Australia’s most famous residents, including wallabies, koalas, and wombats.
  4. Bulgaria’s Dancing Bear ParkThis park provides a safe haven for rescue bears who were once trained across Bulgaria.
  5. Senegal’s Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary is home to hundreds of migratory birds, with 40,000 acres of protected wetland.


  1. Everyone has a right to the EarthThe world isn’t just ours. Our futures are interconnected when we care for animals.
  2. Inspiration comes from wildlife We are captivated by the beauty of nature. We feel tiny but in the best possible way.
  3. The Zoo is worth a visit Even though the world has become increasingly digital, visiting a Zoo is still very popular. It’s a great place to spend a day.

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