National Thrift Shop Day, which is celebrated on the 17th of August is a day to support local thrift stores and increase awareness of charitable organizations. The thrift shops are designed to assist the most vulnerable people in their communities and provide assistance to those in need. 

They are known by many other names, thrift stores are often called consignment stores as well as second-hand shops and resale shops as well as hospice shops.

 Volunteers who want to help are usually employed at the stores which are often sorted the donated items that customers give away. These items are sold to the general public to provide those in need with quick and convenient service at cost-effective prices!


Before the advent of thrift stores, the majority of people would prefer to reuse their clothing. The 18th century saw various new ways of using older items developed. If a person’s clothes were worn and they wanted to donate it to their younger siblings in exchange for a hand-me-down, and later transformed into clothing for them.’

 After the siblings had tired of the process, the clothing could be reused as furniture stuffing. Also, people would often sell their belongings when they required cash, however, the concept of a thrift store was not yet in place.

In the latter half of the nineteenth century during the 19th century, during the late nineteenth century, the United States experienced a massive cultural change. 

The Industrial Revolution increased the production of clothing and other goods and the determination to achieve the American ideal led to increased migration. Many emigrated to cities which caused the process of purchasing new clothes and throwing away old ones to accelerate. 

Scrap yards and pawn shops were created to meet this demand However, there was a negative perception regarding clothes owned by someone else because it implied an inferior social standing.

Christian organizations needed money to fund their outreach programs. religious groups like The Salvation Army and Goodwill changed the way they were described. In 1897 The Salvation Army launched the “salvage brigade.” The residents would walk through the streets seeking out used clothing. In exchange, they would receive food and accommodation. 

In Boston in 1902, the church of a Methodist minister founded Goodwill which employed low-income and disabled people to gather things and then make repairs to the items. These stores provided immigrants with clothing stores as well as integrated Christian values through social service initiatives.

The thrift shops were a reflection of the department stores that were popular in the day throughout the 1920s. The initial impressions changed when thrift shops became known for being “junk shops.” By 1935, there were more than 100 Goodwill stores across the nation and helped during the difficult times that the country faced. 

It was the Great Depression and World War II that created thrift stores that were more feasible as an affordable alternative to the full-priced stores. People began to embrace the concept of thrift shops as a means to discover rare and vintage goods and since then the thrift shop has slowly eliminated its negative stigma.


What are the most popular days to shop for clothes?

Although there isn’t a “perfect” day to shop in used stores, a lot of regulars prefer buying early on Mondays and Tuesdays. Homeowners are more likely to leave garage sale leftovers on Sunday evenings!

What are they called thrift stores in England?

In England, thrift shops in England are known as charity shops.

Do I have the option of thrifting online?

The thrift shops are now moving online, but this is still on a case-by-individual basis.


  1. Give something unique it’s a great idea to donate things we’ve grown tired of or things that are no longer required So, think about giving something of value to your local thrift store. Imagine how awesome you would feel if someone else found an item of top quality at an affordable cost. The purpose of the day is to help other people.
  2. Treasure hunt Go to a local thrift shop and explore interesting treasures. Keep your eyes open while browsing and find intriguing items. Explore a new clothing style or purchase a new furniture item to create a brand new style. It’s a great feeling to come up with your own style to benefit a good cause!
  3. Help out at a thrift store Join in by signing up for the thrift program. Apart from the retail offerings, there’s also coaching, instruction, mentorship and tutoring, fundraising production, and donation tasks. Find out what you can do and give helping assistance to your community.


  1. Timing is everything. The best time to shop for thrift is earlier in the week following the time that people have made their donations from the weekend.
  2. ProsperousThrift is derived from the Norse term “prift” which means “prosperity.”
  3. What a waste! The average American tosses away 21 pounds of clothing every year.
  4. No salespeople any thrift store patrons are thankful for not having to be concerned about salespeople trying to sell them items in thrift stores.
  5. Thrift AnthemThe 2012 hit song by rapper Macklemore “Thrift Shop” reached number 1 on the Billboard charts.


  1. It’s an adventure in treasure hunting! One of the most enjoyable aspects of thrifting is the unexpected finds that can be found in the shops. Find items you’ve never seen before that are harder to locate elsewhere, such as vintage board games, old art, and designer clothing. The fun part is finding hidden treasures that you didn’t know you needed!
  2. The act of thrifting is beneficial for the planet. Thrifting is a great way to reduce waste and pollution as it’s a form of recycling. Instead of purchasing new items to throw away old ones and then repeating the process, an alternative method is established when items are placed back into circulation to allow others to make use of them. This is a day to become aware of your actions that can be carried on all through the season.
  3. It aids the community thrift stores are typically associated with charitable organizations that aid in the improvement of the lives of people in the community. While shoppers can find bargains, volunteers get work experience and the funds help fund other programs such as housing, employment, or security.

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