National Nonprofit Day is commemorated on the 17th of August each year to honor the efforts of nonprofit organizations to provide services to the local population. If you’ve ever been a volunteer in a non-profit organization, you’re already aware of the importance of these organizations.

The non-profits across the nation help to increase awareness and assist people who would otherwise have no means to fund the services. Their work contributes to the development of our society and offers hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Every person contributes in some way, whether that’s through volunteerism, giving, or disseminating information about a charity. In 2017 Americans gave over $400 billion in donations to a number of charities. A great demonstration of cooperation!


The Tariff Act was made law on the 17th of August 1894. It was a law that provided exemptions from federal income tax imposed on corporations that are charitable as well as charities. In spite of various changes throughout the years, tax exemptions of N.G.O.s remain in place and will continue to speed up the operations of charities. These incentives can make the nonprofit sector more accessible to organizations that are starting out.

Sherita J. Herring an author and well-known speaker launched National Nonprofit Day. The idea behind it was to inspire and empower individuals to be the change we would like to witness around the globe. 

Recognizing that there are people who require help is the initial step toward positive change in our society. Charitable organizations have been steadfast combatants in the fight to end the gap between wealth and poverty. They offer a space that allows individuals to reach out to the less fortunate via direct contact or donations.

As per the National Center for Charitable Statistics There exist 1.5 million registered nonprofits across the United States. They play an important part in the development of communities by providing services like affordable housing, food banks medical and medical advice, and even education. 

Another major contribution made by the non-profit sector is their after-school activities, and the daycare centers they offer are essential for these communities.

The non-profit sector is a major contribution to the economy of the country that employs experts such as engineers, lawyers, and nurses. After the economic downturn in 2012, the nonprofit sector contributed around $887.3 billion, or 5.4 percent of the nation’s GDP.


The year is 1897. Tariff Act is Passed into Law

The Tariff Act, which exempts non-profit organizations from the federal tax on income is adopted.

1974National Volunteer Week is Introduced

National Volunteer Week is founded to celebrate the work of volunteers in solving social issues.

2012#GivingTuesday is Founded

The GivingTuesday movement was created to recognize volunteers and fundraisers across the world.

2012Nonprofits Contribute to the G.D.P.

The American non-profit industry contributes $887.3 billion to the Gross Domestic Product.


What exactly is the economic profit from the work of nonprofits?

They are the largest users of services and goods which create jobs directly. They have to pay for everything from huge expenses like medical equipment to small ones like utilities and food.

How can you get involved in your local community?

Explore the needs of your community and select the ones that you are passionate about. Find ways to assist, write an outline of your qualifications and choose the frequency you’d like to be a volunteer. Join the local group of volunteers or create one on your own.

What is the largest non-profit?

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the world’s most prestigious charity. The foundation grants donations of up to $1 billion a year.


  1. Find out what your community needs consider what is required in your community and then figure out how you can help in bringing things up. It could be as easy as starting a project or working in a local company.
  2. VolunteerYou can help at your local shelter or food bank by volunteering. Many nonprofit organizations have a budget that isn’t too high and would love to receive help for free.
  3. Raising awareness helps the efforts of charities around you by sharing your posts on social media platforms to increase awareness. You could also create an online blog to present your charity or organization to the public.


  1. It is a popular choice among the crowd. Each year, about a third of people in the United States register to volunteer.
  2. Blues at the end of the yearNon-profit organizations receive more donations in December than in any other month.
  3. The job is a genie non-profit sector is the third-largest employing sector within the United States, employing over 12 million people, and surpassing manufacturing and retail.
  4. The world is becoming a better and more beautiful place Donations to non-profit organizations have risen to levels that were never before seen in the past decade.
  5. Smartphones are creating more nice people Over 10% of non-profit donations are received via mobile devices.


  1. Making an impact We are awestruck by Nonprofit Day because it allows us to honor those who have made an impact in our communities. We are able to collaborate to create new projects and most importantly, impact the lives of people.
  2. Nonprofits provide jobs According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks non-profit organizations as among the top source of employment within the U.S. They employ more than 10% of the workforce in America.
  3. They deal with difficult concerns Non-profits address the most difficult issues facing society. There are charitable organizations that can address almost every issue including education, housing, and housing.

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