National Men’s Grooming Day is observed on the last Friday in August every year. This year the event will take place on the 19th of August. However, we believe that every day should be a grooming day. 

Have you ever used handwash to clean your face or even used body wash to clean your hair? What has the most recent time that you applied sunscreen? If you’re a man or know someone who is a man and you’re aware of what we’re trying to say.

The market is filled with hundreds of variations of products for body and shampoos and don’t start talking about the serums, which are all of them are targeted towards women! This is the time to break the outdated notion that grooming is just for ladies and make self-care king! You’ll not only appear great, but we guarantee you’ll feel fantastic too!


National Men’s Grooming Day was created and is sponsored by American Crew, a company that sells men’s grooming items and takes great satisfaction from doing it. It’s also a top salon brand catering specifically to males. The idea behind the day was to serve as an incentive for men to change their grooming routines and better take taking care of themselves.

Grooming for men has a long-standing history that dates to the beginning of Egypt. While it’s had its downs and ups it gained popularity in the Elizabethan period and is on the rise since then. In the Victorian period, more households began using soaps, and treatments for blemishes were the new trend. The introduction of anti-aging products also came during this time.

In the early 1900s, Hollywood celebrities with their smooth hair, clean-shaven beards, and hairstyles influenced the grooming of males even more. The use of fragrances, razors that are easy to use, and other technological advances have made grooming simpler than ever before!

For too long grooming and self-care have been viewed as a thing for women and were thought to be feminine things to be done. However, that perception is rapidly changing since the men’s grooming market is growing rapidly. Everyone is recognizing the importance of taking good care of their look. 

Not only will it make your appearance better, but, investing time in yourself also has a positive effect on your psychological wellbeing, which makes you more happy and confident! This new trend in grooming for men has resulted in the development of terms like manscaping.


10,000 B.C.Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians love the aloe vera plant, bathing water, and aromatic oils. men often put fragrances and kohl on their faces to shield their faces from sun damage.

100 A.D.Roman Empire

The Romans are huge in their washing and have a number of baths that are communal.

500s- 1500sMiddle Ages

This is a difficult time when the grooming of males is compared to “devil’s work” by the Church, which was opposed to grooming.

1500sThe Elizabeth Era

The practice of grooming for men is becoming increasingly popular and sage is being utilized for teeth whitening as well as rosemary water is being used as a hair care product.


What exactly is grooming for males?

It can be as simple as the cleanliness of your hair, as well as hair care and styling, and skincare that includes hair cleaning, using a pleasant scent and wearing S.P.F well-pressed clothing eating well, and of course, exercise to keep your body healthy.

What is the significance of grooming for men?

A regular grooming routine can help keep your personal hygiene in check and keeps you looking beautiful, young, and tidy.

How often should you have haircuts?

If you do not have hair that is long and you are not a regular hairdresser, getting your haircut regularly is vital. For most men, between two and four weeks is sufficient.


  1. Inspect an establishment and go to your local salon to update your look. Consider a new hairstyle or color, or even pop to the spa for some relaxing treatments!
  2. Develop an exercise routine Create a simple but effective routine for your skincare. Start with the basics, such as cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and moisturizing using S.P.F., and soon proceed to essences and serums. Soon, you’ll soon be singing songs about Potassium Diglycinate and Galactomyces within a matter of minutes!
  3. Discuss with a man the topic of groomingDiscuss with the guys you know about how grooming isn’t just acceptable but is also desired. Don’t let the stigma of grooming for men and look good when you do it.


  1. Hair dyes were commonly used in the early days of Rome Romans were one of the first to try out hair dyes. They typically dyed their hair blonde however, the dye was harsh enough that it made all of their hair fall out for good.
  2. Grooming can be dangerous many grooming products were constructed of lead and arsenic before we realized their harmful effects.
  3. Fitness is vital. Men can spend an entire year and three months their time working out to perfect their bodies.
  4. Cosmetic surgery is on the rise. Between 2000 and 2010 the market for cosmetic surgeries on males increased by 258%.
  5. The greatest man could be able to about 15,000 years ago prior to the invention of razors men made use of all kinds of clamshells, Flint knives, as well as shark teeth to cut.


  1. It is a place with a long tradition Although it could appear that men are only just getting into grooming the practice has been around for hundreds of years. It’s no wonder it’s worthy of a whole weekend of festivities!
  2. The cleaner, the more efficient A few extra minutes every day on grooming can make a man appear more neat and tidy. What’s not to like about this?
  3. It takes away the stigma associated with grooming for men. Men are often reluctant to discuss and engage in grooming because of the fear of being considered “feminine.” Having a day devoted to grooming men can change this mindset and inspire men to look after their own grooming.

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