The world (and we!) is nourished by love and romance. The world (and us!) thrives on love and romance. This National Matchmaker Day is a celebration of all those who bring people together. This day is held annually on August 31st.

It celebrates those who make happy endings possible. This day celebrates all types of matchmakers, whether they are setting up two people, organizing a match for their family, or coaching clients as part of their professional services.


Since the beginning of time, matchmakers have been around. These matchmakers were often parents or elders, often women, who helped young people choose the right life partner. 

The decision to make this choice was not made by the young themselves. It was too difficult for them to handle. This tradition was followed by all civilizations, including the Aztecs and ancient Greeks to the Chinese.

The ancient Greek matchmakers, always women and called the ‘promnestria,’ were intermediaries who passed messages and negotiated between the two families. They had an additional job: they shared their opinions on the potential spouses with the other side. These opinions often affected the decision-making process, and it was usually the fault of the promnestria.

The Victorian period saw steady growth in the industry of matchmaking. This was also when courtship and matchmaking regulations took off and became more intense. The ‘coming out ceremony, which was a huge ceremony for married women, took place in court at Easter. 

All wore white and carried delicate bouquets. They were part of a “season” during which their mothers and fathers would try to match them with eligible families.

By the 1600s, matchmaking was a new function in Britain. Parish vicars would match people from the same parish with someone of the same social status.
The process of matchmaking is often mentioned in the literature, including in Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”, “Mulan”, and “Fiddler On The Roof,” which both feature matchmaking process.

Matchmaking was a concept that evolved as the world changed over the course of the 20th century. In some cultures, arranged marriages weren’t the norm. This is when the idea of choosing your own partner became popular.

 As people began to look for partners, they expanded their horizons. The internet was born. Tinder and Bumble weren’t the first to combine science and matchmaking, contrary to popular belief. This process has been attempted to automate since the 1920s. There have even been scientific studies on it.

ArtCarved Bridal, a jewelry company, created this day to recognize and thank all matchmakers who helped bring two people together.


1140Formalized marriages

Benedictine monk Gratian wrote a law book called “Decretum Gratiani”, which allows consent to formalized marriages. Before this, consent from the bride and groom was not required.

1600sMatchmaking Agency in Britain

Britain was home to the first matchmaking agency.

1924Mixing Science & Matchmaking

The Smithsonian Institution’s “Science & Invention” journal details four scientific tests that were conducted to determine whether a couple will succeed or fail.

20th CenturyThe Modern World

Matchmaking and finding partners are two new roles in modern society. People choose their partners, and arranged marriages can sometimes be called ‘old-fashioned’.

2016It’s Our Day

National Matchmaker Day was officially established by the jewelry company ArtCarved Bridal.


What are matchmakers?

Matchmakers offer a variety of services, including meeting potential clients, interviewing potential matches, and offering dating advice. They also conduct background checks.

What is the 3-day rule?

A person must wait three days before they contact a potential partner. This is known as the three-day dating rule. Romantic films were the most popular examples of this rule.

Is there a matchmaker in the U.S.

According to the Matchmaking Institute, the number of American professional matchmakers is approximately 2,000. Online and offline dating is worth more than $1 billion in the U.S.


  1. Your matchmaker, thank you have you met your partner through a matchmaking site? Was it someone special who introduced you? Send them a special gift they’ll love on this day? Send a thoughtful thank you note, send a personalized gift basket or take them out to a special meal. Let them know how you have been changed by their kindness.
  2. Matchmake away you can explore the world of professional matchmaking or just introduce two people you think are perfect for each other. Spread the love if you can.
  3. Tell your storyLet your matchmaker knows about your experience and share it with others. Perhaps your story inspires them to try love and romance.


  1. The majority of marriages in the world are arranged modern sentiments include traditional matchmaking from multiple cultures across the globe — 60% of all marriages in the world are still arranged.
  2. Online dating is becoming more popular for couples. According to eHarmony, half of all married couples in the United States would have met online by 2031 according to a study. This number will rise by 2040, according to another dating site.
  3. In the celebrity edition of matchmaking, after her husband died, Katie Couric was set up by her friends to go on a blind date.
  4. Ireland’s most romantic town every September, Lisdoonvarna hosts a special matchmaking festival. This tradition has been going on for 150 years.
  5. In the royal edition of matchmaking, her friends set Meghan Markle up with Prince Harry, her husband, to be married.


  1. Who doesn’t love a good romance? Everyone does. Why shouldn’t we celebrate those people who bring people together for a happy-ever-after or a happy-for-now relationship?
  2. Spreading love is a noble act. These matchmakers are tireless in their search for families and people. They deserve to feel appreciated for their efforts — they also need some love.
  3. Matchmaking is something we are learning so much it is fascinating to see how the profession has changed over time, both formally and formally. We are excited to see where it goes in the future.

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