National Bow Tie Day is August 28th. It’s the only holiday that celebrates this underrated accessory. This is the day to get out your favorite bow tie and show off to everyone how stylish and classy you are. You’ll look great with this accessory, even if you wear it with jeans. Today, we are celebrating these timeless fashion accessories and all those who wear them.


The bow tie has been a symbol of elegance and class since time immemorial or at least since the 19th century. The bow tie was a symbol of social status, whether you were born into a wealthy family or are well-known in intellectual circles for the quality of your intellect and wit.

Maybe not so excessive. The bow tie, despite its humble beginnings, has become a symbol of status and prestige in many social circles. It is interesting to note that the first bowties were worn by Croatian mercenaries in the Thirty Years War of the 17th Century. 

Neckties with mirror scarf knots were required by soldiers. The trend was popularized in Paris by the French, who took inspiration from this somewhat fringed and scandalous source before spreading to the rest of the fashion-conscious world.

The bow tie became an integral part of formal wear and a popular choice for doctors and medical professionals. The shortage of materials and people to make them eventually led to the decline in the popularity of the tie. It’s not surprising that the bow tie survived among Bond villains and ballet goers alike.

 The bow tie is still worn at black-tie events and, ironically enough, by hipsters. National Bow Tie Day is therefore a celebration of all the history and symbolism that has been tightly packed into one beautiful knot.


1600sThe First Bow Ties

Crocodile mercenaries from Croatia wore cravats during the Thirty Years’ War before they were popularized by French fashion elites.

In the early 1900s, Doctors made a fashion statement

As the typical bow tie wearer up to WWII, doctors, and academics are immortalized.

2005Old World Icon

Warren St. John, a writer for the New York Times, writes that the bow tie represents an old-world icon that suggests intellectualism.

2010sHipsters Takeover

Hipsters are easily recognized by their large thrift store sweaters, long hair, and non-necessary glasses. They revolutionize how we wear certain items, such as the ironic use of bow ties.


How do you tie a tie for a bow?

It’s hard to explain without pictures! However, a quick Google search will reveal a lot of videos and pictures.

What are some of the most famous bow-tie wearers?

Peewee Hermon, as well as most Bond villains, are well-known because of their classic bow tie.

Why is there a National Bow Tie Day?

It’s time to celebrate the elegant accessory that is the bow tie!

Are bow ties allowed for women?

Yes! Everyone, even your pet pooch, should wear a bow tie on National Bow Tie Day.


  1. How to tie a bow tie correctly Clip-ons and pre-tied ties are no longer acceptable! Learn how to be a gentleman or lady who is responsible for your own bow tie and that of your fellow party-goers this National Bow Tie Day
  2. Host a bow tie party to celebrate your favorite accessory, throw a party! Bow tie trivia could be organized. Old movies featuring bowties might also be shown. You can even serve bow tie pasta. Entry requires a bow tie
  3. “Gram it”If you haven’t taken a photo for social media, did you celebrate National Bow Tie Day? You can take a photo of yourself and your bow tie on Instagram or share photos of your friends and family wearing it to your stories.


  1. It is the queen of fabricsSilk is made from silk strands from thousands of silkworms. This makes it an intensive, painstaking process that only the most sophisticated of wearers can enjoy.
  2. Sea silk is extremely rare sea silk is made from clam fibers and is harvested. Only one person knows how to create this fabric.
  3. Silk production was a top-secret anyone caught trying to smuggle silkworms from China in ancient China was sentenced to death.
  4. It prevents you from getting bit. Try stepping out in silk if you are a mosquito favorite. The threads repel mosquitos.
  5. It was the country with the longest global trade route The famed Silk Road ran from China to Europe starting at 130 B.C.


  1. It brings back memories of a simpler time do you remember when the black tie was the norm at evening events? We don’t have to wear black ties anymore. However, we still get a sense of nostalgia for the Titanic-era past every time we see one. Bow ties add elegance to the look and give us a sense of a simpler time.
  2. We look darn goodEveryone knows that a bow tie makes everything look better. Put one on, and while you’re at the same time, put one on your friend, your partner, and your dog.
  3. This gives us the opportunity to wear a monocle A monocle is impossible without a bow tie. To make sure you look dapper and put together a great outfit, consider adding a bit of eyewear.

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