International Blind Dog Day is observed every August 23rd. It’s a day to celebrate blind dogs. Blind dogs are no different from any other animal or a human with a disability. They are generally healthy and can function just as well as regular dogs. However, they may need some guidance and expert handling to learn how to function with no vision. 

Blindness can be caused by a variety of factors, including disease and old age. Dogs often go blind due to medical conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, and progressive retinal atrophy (SARDS).


Dogs have existed for thousands of years. Their primary purpose was to hunt. Dogs have evolved over the years from hunting dogs to companions, law enforcement officers, military personnel, and even pets. 

In Germany, the earliest known remains that were believed to belong to dogs were found. They were not wolves. They were 14,000 years old and were buried together with two people, male and female. Their cause of death was known as “canine distemper.”

It is impossible to discuss the origins of domestic dogs without considering their genetic evolution and divergence with the closest extant relative, wolves. Studies have shown that both ancient and modern dogs share ancestry with an extinct ancient wolf. This lineage was different from the one of today’s wolf. It is most likely that the Late Pleistocene Wolf was the ancestor of modern dogs. The dog is one of the canids that resemble wolves.

Dogs have been associated with humans for thousands of years and exhibit the most human-friendly behavior of any animal. Many of their health problems are also relatable to human nature. Blind dogs have been around for the same time as regular dogs. The care of blind dogs was only recently a priority. International Blind Dog Day was established to educate dog owners about the topic.


2040 B.C. The Dog Collar is Invented

Between 2040 and 1782 B.C., the dog collar was invented.

2008 A.D. First Dog Eye Surgery Is Performed

2008 marks the first time a corneal implant has been performed.

2010Canine Glaucoma Testing

Iowa State University researchers developed two tests in 2010: High-Frequency Ultrasound, (H.F.U. ), and Pattern Electroretinography (PERG), for canine glaucoma.

2017 First International Blind Dog Day

Wednesday, August 23, 2017, was the first International Blind Dog Day.


What is International Blind Dog Day?

International blind dog day is celebrated annually on August 23. It will be observed this year on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022.

Can blind dogs still live normal lives?

Yes. Dogs can function well without their eyesight, which is a big difference from humans. They can rely on their other sense organs to perform optimally.

Blind dogs are a burden?

Blind dogs can be just as normal as regular dogs except that they aren’t able to see as well. They don’t pose a problem as much as people fear and can be trained to function normally.


  1. The B.D.R.A. needs your support Blind Dog Rescue Alliance is dedicated to the rescue and care of blind dogs. Support them to celebrate International Blind Dog Day.
  2. Adopting a blind dog can be difficult if you have never done it before. But if you are ready to make the commitment, it is worth it. Contact the SPCA or your local shelter to find out if blind dogs are available for adoption. It takes time and should not be done in a hurry.
  3. Participate in Social MediaGet involved in the online conversation. If you own a blind dog, you can post pictures on your Instagram (or any other social media platform) using the #InternationalBlindDogDay hashtag.

5 Interesting Facts About Blind Dogs

  1. Blind dogs can be easily adopted blind dogs, even if they are a bit more fragile and need a little extra care, can be adapted, and are not a burden on their owners.
  2. Blind dogs can be trained dogs can do better without their sight than humans and are just as capable of learning as dogs with sighted eyes.
  3. Blind dogs can still be able to move well dogs rely on more than their eyesight for their ability to function. They can hear, smell, and feel their way around.
  4. Blind dogs don’t get depressedBlindness does not cause depression in dogs. They can still live happy and healthy lives if they receive the support they require.
  5. Blind dogs can protect the home as long as they blind dog has other sense functions, they can protect the house.


  1. They make great companion dogs who are loyal and provide a great friend. Get your fur-ever pet today.
  2. They are good for our health. Studies have shown that people who own dogs as pets live longer, and are healthier than those without them. In the case of seniors, it has been shown that pets can prolong life.
  3. They can be used for therapy. As a visually impaired dog can offer comfort to its owner, the same can be said for a dog who is blind. Dog adoption can be used as therapy in certain cases.

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