Give a Dog A Bone Week is observed in the third week of August, which runs from August 21 through 27 this year. This week-long celebration aims to feed homeless pets and stray animals. 

The event also includes a drive to collect donations for pet food and financial aid. It is common for homeless dogs to receive free health screenings. There might be several homeless animals in your area. Here’s your chance: Help these furry friends! Volunteer in your community or donate to a local shelter. There are many options. You can even adopt a rescue dog!


Pets of the Homeless started the Give a Dog A Bone Week initiative. This is a national N.G.O. It works to protect stray animals. Since 2008, the organization has existed. Since 2008, it has distributed over 1.5 million pounds worth of pet supplies.

This initiative was inspired by the personal experiences of the N.G.O founder. Genevieve had just moved to N.Y.C. when she saw a homeless man and his dog. This incident touched a chord with Genevieve. She was puzzled as to why someone would adopt a pet from a homeless man who didn’t have a roof. She returned home to research the subject. 

According to the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH), nearly 5-10% of Americans who were homeless had a pet dog or cat. The rate could even be as high as 25% in certain states.

She realized that these pets were a source of comfort and friendship for the homeless. They took care of them as best they could. Genevieve and others have the privilege of taking care of their pets. The homeless, however, aren’t so fortunate. She was moved to action by this realization. 

This is how Feeding Pets of the Homeless was created. Genevieve’s N.G.O. Genevieve’s N.G.O. provides food for homeless animals. It helps to pay for emergency care, pet crates, as well as wellness clinics for animal shelters. You can also donate to the organization via their donation site. You can also donate by purchasing their merchandise. You can take a few moments to browse the site and help the poor.


1800s Establishment of Animal Shelters

America’s traditional shelters were established to help stray animals.

1869The First Animal Shelter

Caroline Earle White and a group of women activists establish America’s first shelter for animals in Bensalem (PA).

1970sNeuter and Spay Tech

The Humane Society of the United States encourages spay and neuter technology in order to reduce the number of abandoned animals.

1990sThe No-Kill Revolution

Richard Avanzino was the executive director of San Francisco S.P.C.A. at the time. He proposed the No Kill model to end euthanasia.


Which U.S. state has a high number of stray dogs?

According to a 2019 survey Mexico is the top state with over 3,200 pets left behind per million people. Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Colorado are also among the states with high pet surrender rates. They have 2,000 pets per million residents.

What can I do for homeless pets?

Adopting a pet is the easiest option, but it’s not mandatory. To help the less fortunate, you can donate food, toys, and crates to shelters, or join a volunteer group.

Why are homeless people allowed to have pets?

Being homeless can be very lonely and difficult. A pet can make it a bit easier as they offer companionship and identity. Pets and their guardians can form an emotional bond that is beneficial for their mental health as well as making them more responsible.


  1. DonateThis is your chance to help the homeless dogs and pups in your community. Donations will go towards emergency medical care for the animals. You can also donate pet supplies such as toys, food, and blankets.
  2. Start a fundraiser what could be better than donating to pet food? Start a fundraiser! Ask friends and family to help you raise funds. A single person can make a big difference, but a group can do a lot more.
  3. Get the merch to support this noble cause, and purchase a Pets of the Homeless T-shirt. All proceeds from this purchase go to homeless pets.


  1. This is a huge number there are approximately 70 million stray dogs in the United States alone.
  2. Pet lovers don’t love cats. Only 2-5 percent of cats taken from animal shelters are adopted or reclaimed by their guardians, while nearly 30% of dogs find a home.
  3. An increase in euthanasiaNearly 2.7 million animals is killed each year at shelters due to lack of space or adapters.
  4. Decline in pet adoption in 2020 and 2021, the rate of pet adoption fell by 36%.
  5. Shelter animals are healthier than those raised elsewhere. Only 1% of shelter animals are affected by critical illnesses.


  1. Animals deserve your love it takes a little compassion and love to make a difference! Shelter animals deserve to be fed and cared for. Even if you are unable to adopt a pet, you still have the opportunity to make an impact by donating money for their welfare.
  2. It’s a gesture of kindness to the homeless pets of the Homeless is a non-profit organization that helps homeless pet owners. Pets of the Homeless are often unable to afford nutritious food or toys for their pets. Many people lose their homes and livelihoods but still have their pets. They appreciate your help.
  3. Volunteering is a great way to get involved this is the perfect opportunity to volunteer if you’ve been thinking about it. You might be a stray dog rescuer. Spread awareness about animal protection. You can also lead an educational program to reduce pet overpopulation.

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