Be Kind to Humankind Week is an annual worldwide celebration of kindness that takes place from August 25 until August 31. It is a time to reflect on how we can improve the world as a place. The celebrations began with the simple idea that we should do everything in our power to improve the lives of people who live around us more joyful. 

It doesn’t take something elaborate to show kindness All you need is a nice phrase or helping a friend with household chores to mark this week. Make time each morning to be kind to others.


Be Kind to Humankind Week was created in August of 1988 by Lorraine Jara who is based in Toms River, New Jersey. Jara states the reason she decided to start to Be Kind To Humankind Week (also called BK2HK) was due to the horrific death of two residents of her town who were injured in a boating incident. 

The two men continued to fight for their lives as others on boats passing by. Nobody offered aid as they did not want to be involved. One of them eventually passed away. Jara chose to honor her memory and that of the dead young man by establishing Be Kind To Humanity Week which would inspire people to show kindness to one another.
 A number of people have acknowledged her for her work which includes Hollywood celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, and Paul Simon, along with numerous American Presidents.

Be kind To Humankind Week is an annual celebration of kindness, which is observed globally every year. According to Jara, the event is “a time to reflect and encourage thoughts of others to help make the world more peaceful. We recommend that you practice kindness every day however, this is the most effective week that you are able to take.”

The whole week is designed to instruct individuals on how to be more compassionate to each other on that day. While we are required to demonstrate and show actions of compassion throughout the day, Jara is hoping that we remain gentle to our fellow humans no matter what and show generosity throughout the whole year. This is the ideal time to encourage compassion and kindness among the youngest children.


1850 — 1961Harriet Tubman Becomes a Hero

Tubman helps around 300 slaves.

1914A Christmas Truce

The ceasefires that are not officially declared across the Western Front of WWII around the time of Christmas.

1979Mother Teresa Wins the Nobel Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize recognizes her efforts to alleviate the poverty of Calcutta.

1987Princess Diana’s Radical Act of Kindness

Princess Diana visits the hospital in London and holds hands with patients suffering from AIDS and challenges the notion that the disease can be spread through contact.


What is the definition of being kind?

Kindness means being warm generous, kind, and thoughtful. Warmth, affection, gentleness caring, concern, and concern are just a few of the feelings that go along with kindness.

What is the impact of kindness on someone else?

It has been proven that kindness can improve self-esteem, empathy and compassion, as well as improve mood. It has the ability to control the levels of stress and blood pressure. People who are kind tend to live healthier lives and longer.

What exactly is Biblical kindness?

Biblical compassion inspires us to be kind, selfless, and compassionate. It is best exemplified by the words, “Love your neighbor.”


  1. Offer a helping hand do you know someone who is trying to get their work completed? Be involved and help anyone in need of your assistance. Even something as simple as bringing groceries for someone else can be hugely beneficial to them.
  2. Forgive an enemy It can be difficult to forgive someone who has caused us harm or wrong. This week, you should try to be kind and forgive someone that hurt you. This can help you get closure and get on in your life.
  3. Being mindful when driving your commute to work can determine the tone for the rest of your day. You might want to consider practicing an extra dose of patience for those who are on the same road as you.


  1. Kindness can be contagiousResearchers believe that kindness may actually be “contagious” — we are more likely to engage in kindness when we observe other people being friendly.
  2. Being kind makes you healthier Being kind can extend the length of your life.
  3. Kindness increases peer acceptanceRandom acts of kindness could improve the quality of life and increase the acceptance of peers.
  4. Being kind makes you happy. Studies show that being kind will give you a positive perspective on the world.
  5. Kindness combats loneliness Being kind can help keep the feeling of helplessness and loneliness low.


  1. It makes us more compassionate. Be Kind to Humankind Week inspires us to become kinder and more humane. This is the ideal time to show kindness and appreciate the traits that make humans human.
  2. It’s a chance to prioritize others its normal for us to put our own needs and our own interests first but it’s a good moment to consider others and think about the needs of others. This can help us learn compassion.
  3. It motivates us to help the cause This week, you can select one of the causes you want to support and contribute to or become a volunteer. Contributing to a cause that you believe in will not only make this world more beautiful but can also help you maintain an attitude of positivity.

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