Be An Angel Day -celebrated on the 22nd of August every year, encourages us to be an angel in a way. No matter whether it’s a major gesture (sponsoring education for someone else) or a small gesture (saying “thank you” whenever someone is kind to you) A good gesture will go a long way to sending positive vibes out into the world. If you can help the needy (or remind someone of someone who has supported you) and celebrate the essence of the day.


Angelic-type creatures have been known and immortalized many believe since the beginning of civilization. A lot of religions believe that angels are supernatural beings that act as messengers and protectors as well as other roles.

The word “angel” originates from the Latin term ‘angelus which means messenger of God. The beings have assumed many appearances in mythologies from the past that depicted them as human-like monsters, monsters, or even burning wheels.

Angels were immortalized in sculpture, art, and literature as well as the scriptures in mid-century, and the wings of angels appeared. European artists were among the first ones to make images of angels and in the year 1298, this depiction of angels was a huge hit.

 Archaeologists have discovered altars dedicated to winged people thought to be angels in earlier times. Famous creators such as Michelangelo, Bernini, and Shakespeare frequently used angels in their work.

While British and French soldiers were wounded in battles against the Germans in World War I, both sides reported seeing angels. The French soldiers claimed to have seen Michael the Archangel, whereas the British believed they saw Saint George. 

Both gods are believed to be the same by a segment of the populace. The mysterious angel was later christened Angel of Mons because of the place in which both armies recorded the appearance of the angel. In today’s world angels are not limited to the realm of spirituality only Their presence is felt everywhere.

The Reverend Jayne Howard Feldman also feels the presence of angels. In fact, her website says that angels were the inspiration for her to establish this day. The day was started 27 years ago in order to motivate people to do tiny acts of generosity and as time has passed the popularity of this day has increased by leaps and leaps and.


3000 B.C.Winged Guardian Angels

Archaeologists discover altars dedicated to flying guardians in present-day Iraq (which once was known as Sumeria).

4th CenturyAngels get their Wings

European artists begin painting angels in wings.
1495Angel Sculpture

Italian artist Michelangelo creates an angel out of marble.

1914Angels on the Battlefield

The wounded WWI soldiers reported having seen an angel later, he was dubbed Angel of Mons because of the location where he was spotted wandering around the battlefield during their fight against the Germans.

1946-1947Angels in Movies

Angels appear in mainstream films such as “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “The Bishop’s Wife.”

August 22, 1993Our Day is Here!

Reverend Jayne Howard Feldman creates Be An Angel Day.


Are there any holidays for angels?

Be An Angel Day celebrates that, even though we can’t be gods or celestial beings but we can definitely be a model of their ideals in our own world.

How can make yourself an angel for someone else?

Each person, situation, and individual are unique. Consider what the person requires and provide it to them as much as you are able to. It could be helping them with their children, mowing their lawn, giving them encouragement, or giving them a shoulder so that they can cry.

What day is Guardian Angel Day?

The day is celebrated every year on October 2, Guardian Angel Day is a day to celebrate those who are guardian angels.


  1. Give someone a hug Find ways to let people in your life know that you know you love them and are grateful for their support. Help your family members repair things around the home and show your affection towards your kids, help your spouse around the house or volunteer at an elderly home or listen to your colleague who may be suffering from a difficult day. Small gestures can make a difference in making people feel good.
  2. Don’t let the past drag you down. Do you have grievances or grudges against someone? Are you yet to put down the hatchet with your angered neighbor? Give yourself a moment to forgive. You can start by following our suggestions from Global Forgiveness Day.
  3. Be sure to support your furry friends too. There are many animals that require a little love and attention. Spend time with your furry family members Give some time to local shelters for animals Perhaps you can think of giving your furry friend an opportunity to live in a new place.


  1. They are angels for babies. A five-year-old girl once tied shoelaces for an infant boy she was just meeting, while they played together in the recreation area of the IKEA store.
  2. It is said that the U.S. marines love their petsThe black labrador who sniffed out the bombs Cena discovered she had terminal bone cancer Cena was then presented with a full-on hero’s goodbye with thousands of her “workmates” arriving to say goodbye.
  3. The most charitable celebOprah Winfrey is regarded as one of the most famous celebrities who give back to charity. She has contributed millions of dollars and created her own foundation for charitable causes.
  4. This family helps all animals Amtes family from India created an animal sanctuary in their front yard a few decades ago. They ensure the safety of local tribespeople as well as the animals as well.
  5. A job reference can be helpful. In his place, Michigan resident Jim suggested an unemployed young man to the job he was aware was struggling financially. the candidate was offered the job and it transformed his life.


  1. Being a part of someone’s story A small gesture of kindness can transform the life of a person. It can affect their moods or their schedules and even go as that they can renew confidence in the humanity of others.
  2. We pay for a good deed forward Just a smile can cause impact on happiness and love. In many cases, good deeds (and actions and intentions) are transferred in a million ways Their reach is beyond limits.
  3. Make your own happiness a reality by doing every act of generosity that is not accompanied by the expectation of reciprocal gesture can make you feel satisfied with yourself. Research suggests that such acts release feelings of happiness, meaning you’re in a more positive mood too.

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